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Shop_floor_small.jpgNeil Pitt’s is one of Australia’s best menswear stores, with an exceptionally large range of quality products in a very wide variety of menswear lines.  

The service we provide is personal and relaxed. Our staff are true professionals with extensive experience in menswear. 

We specialise in suits, and have the biggest range in Tasmania with over 1000 in stock. 

We have a formal suit hire service, popular for weddings and other formal occasions, and also have a large range of big men’s clothing available.


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To a large degree our suits define our shop: graceful masculinity. We have a massive range of fashionable, stylish, practical and hard-wearing suits and can fit just about everyone: extra-short to extra-tall, and sizes from 88 cm to 152 cm. Large range of two trouser suits in stock.

Our major brands include:


Studio Italia. The essence of Studio Italia’s style is comfort, luxury and performance.



Flair. Quality suits for fashion-aware men made predominantly from Australian merino wool.


Stafford Ellinson. Tailored clothing with a fresh interpretation of a classic theme for the educated career orientated well groomed professional.


Giotto. A slim fit menswear collection for the body proud upwardly mobile new generation consumer.

Cambridge_Logo_small.jpg   Cambridge. Current and comfortable suits based on a proud 150 years tailoring experience.





New England.  Affordable, trendy, slim fit suits, including three piece options



Vivaldi. High performance price point value.


We have a large selection of mens sportscoats and blazers in an assortment of styles and brands.



Studio Italia. The essence of Studio Italia’s style is comfort, luxury and performance.

Flair-Logo-grey_small.jpg   Flair. Quality sportscoats for fashion-aware men made predominantly from Australian merino wool.
Cambridge_Logo_small.jpg    Cambridge. Cambridge is a brand that looks to its rich, unique heritage to move forward tailoring men's sportscoats that accentuate that true sense of style.


Hardy Amies.

rundle.jpg   Rundle
 Team_small.jpg   Team

Our large range of quality trousers, plus our tailoring service mean we can provide a comfortable and good fit for just about anyone.

city_club_aus.jpg   City Club.
gloster.jpg   Gloster.
innsbrook.jpg   Innsbrook.
wombargo_logo_small.jpg   Wombargo.
boland.jpg   Bolan Sidon.
farah.jpg   Farah.
breakaway.jpg   Breakaway.
riders.jpg   Lee Riders
thomas_cook2.jpg   Thomas Cook

Currently featuring our new range of Thomas Cook Moleskins. Three colours, flexi-waist, sizes 32-42, two lengths.



We stock a great range of mens formal and casual shoes






Hush Puppies.





Herewith a slideshow of some of our current range of Florsheim and Rockport shoes.


We have a very large range of business shirts, including tall fit, long-arm, short arm, and French cuff. Size range from 38 cm to 60 cm.

We also stock a range of shirt accessories including cuff-links, collar stays, studs and arm bands.



Geoffry Beene.


 Hardy Amies



van_heusen.jpg    Van Heusen.



summit.jpg   Summit.
gloweave.jpg   Gloweave.

We have a large selection of mens knitwear, including jumpers and cardigans in pure wool, lambs wool, merino, merino cashmere and a great variety of patterns, colours and textures. Winter 2014 we have a great range of top quality Australian made jumpers from Aklanda and Geccu. We also introduce NZ made MKM's (Manawatu Knitting Mills) possum/wool/cashmere knits.

Aklanda_logo_small.jpg Aklanda
 Ansett.jpg Ansett
bridge_lord.jpg Bridge and Lord
MKM_Logo.png MKM
fields.jpg Fields
 FRATELLI_LOGO_small.jpg Fratelli
Silverdale_Est_Logo_1_small.jpg Silverdale
SOVRANO_logo_small.jpg Sovrano

With a great selection of rugby tops, polo tops, t-shirts and casual shirts available, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our casual tops are a must for any mans wardrobe.


Sand_Island_logo_small.jpg    Sand Island
thomas_cook2.jpg   Thomas Cook.
 FRED_A_LOGO_SHIRT_08DrkBlue.jpg   Frederick A.
Aertex_Logo_with_B-line.jpg   Aertex by Summit.
Bravado_small.jpg   Bravado.
gloster.jpg   Gloster.
innsbrook.jpg   Innsbrook.
 Crest_with_stick_copy_small.jpg   Mattino.
Deep_blue_logo_small.jpg    Deep Blue

We stock a great range of dinner suits and formal shirts for any occasion. We also have an immense range of accompanying accessories such as bow ties, shirt studs, cufflinks, gloves and hats.

rundle.jpg   Rundles.
StudioItaliaWht_2010_small.jpg    Studio Italia
 Team_small.jpg   Team.

Van Heusen.


summit.jpg   Summit.

Winter jackets, overcoats and leather jackets are currently holding the floor. Winter 2014 features a large new range of London Fog jackets, some of which are pictured to the right. We always carry a large range of lighter jackets.





 London Fog
Flair-Logo-grey_small.jpg   Flair
Bossini_logo_small.jpg   Bossini
hardy.jpg   Hardy Amies






shop_sleepwear.jpgWe stock pyjamas, night shirts, dressing gowns and robes and a range of leather slippers.

gloster.jpg    Gloster.
summit.jpg   Summit.
 Koala_small.jpg   Koala.
 Contare_small.jpg   Contare.
pierre_cardin.jpg   Pierre Cardin.
smartex.jpg   Smartex.
 Court_House_small.jpg   Court House Leather Slippers

Our range of accessories is vast, and includes:Ties-New2.jpg

Ties and Bowties

SANDER_small.jpg    Sander
 Vex-Logo_small.jpg    Vex
 Carlo_Visconti_small.jpg   Carlo Visconti.

 Beau.jpg   Beau
 James_Harper_small.jpg   James Harper


Hardy Amies. Premium silk ties and bow ties

 We stock self-tie bow ties, loop ties, woollen ties and souvenir ties.



buckle.jpg    Buckle

 Loop_Leather_small.jpg   Loop Leather
 thomas_cook2.jpg   Thomas Cook



humphey_law.jpg    Humphrey Law.
Pussyfoot.jpg    Pussyfoot


Underwear - Jocks, briefs and Singlets:

bonds.jpg    Bonds

ABB_logo_small.jpg    Aussie Born and Bred


Hats - flat caps, trilbies, fedoras, pork pies, Panamas, beanies, berets, deerstalkers, top hats and more:Cuenca_Safari_2.jpg

Kangol_logo_small.jpg   Kangol
Goorin_Brothers_logo.jpg   Goorin Brothers
akubra.jpg    Akubra
 hanna_hats.jpg   Hanna Hats







Cuff Links and Tie Bars:Cudworth_cufflinks_small.jpg





 4play_small.jpg   4play.
 Austico_Logo_small.jpg   Austico.


Wallets, card holders, key chains, notepads:shop_accessories.jpg

artex.jpg    Artex

    Pierre Cardin



polaroid.jpg    Polaroid

    Other generic brands available.


Also available:Accessories_17_small.jpg

  • Man bags, laptop bags, document wallets
  • Grooming – military style hair brushes, hand made combs, nail brushes, shaving brushes from Kent Brushes. Grooming kits, shaving kits, toiletry bags and wet packs.
  • Note pads - Field Notes
  • Money clips, shirt studs, collar stays, arm-bands.
  • Gloves – range of leather and synthetic gloves. 
  • Umbrellas
  • Handkerchiefs: singles and packs, formal
  • Bracers: clip and button
  • Walking sticks and shooting sticks
  • Trouser presses
  • Yard and half-yard glasses

We have a section of our store dedicated to the bigger man.  Click here to see the products and services we can offer you.

We have an in-house alterations service. 

Adjustments to non-discounted stock is usually done free of charge. 

Our tailor is also generally happy to make alterations to customer-owned clothing for a charge and as time permits. 

Although Australian-made stock is increasingly rare, we proudly stock Australian-made products in a number of lines:

  • Rundles blazers, dinner suits and lounge suits
  • Humphrey Law socks
  • Buckle belts and bracers
  • Akubra hats
  • Court House slippers 
  • Bravado t-shirts and polo tops
  • Static t-shirts and polo tops
  • Koala pyjamas
  • Cippolini shirts
  • Callan shirts
  • Portobello Road shirts
  • Geccu knitwear
  • Aklanda Knitware
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